Rejuvenate During Christmas Break!

Along with serving students and families, one of the big perks of working in education is the opportunity to spend time with your own family and friends during traditional holiday breaks. This time allows for reflection and rest and also provides an opportunity for educators to catch up on the things that have been set aside during the busy first semester.

Drive by any school across our nation before school, after school, or on the weekends and, more often than not, you will see teachers’ vehicles present, as they work to lesson plan, complete PD, grade papers, tutor students, or engage in countless other tasks, all with the goal of helping students, improving their school, or increasing student achievement. The demand and desire to improve public education has never been greater, and success in this venture requires additional efforts, time, and dedication from the professional educators filling our schools. This quest for excellence often comes at the price of imbalance in personal life.

Research clearly shows that the most productive and successful individuals manage to keeping a healthy balance between personal and professional life. Educators: as you head into the Christmas Break (and all the busyness it entails) don’t forget to schedule time to relax, rest, rejuvenate, and refresh with your family, friends, and loved ones. Doing so will not just help strengthen your personal life, but it will energize and sharpen your professional life in 2015, so that you may better serve your students.

Oh, and above all else, be sure to remember and celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas Season!

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