Neurocultural Education

Neuroculture is the relation between the sciences that study the functioning of the brain and culture. We understand the latter as the knowledge, history, habits, ideas and values of the human race, and their manifestations in any form of expression: social, scientific, artistic, philosophical, moral or religious, etc.

The basis of Neuroculture is that everything a human being creates is generated in the brain, from the most primary functions, to superior expressions, like art, religious or scientific thinking. Thus, the link that relates the biological functioning of the brain to the results of its processes creates a method of explaining how human beings respond to their environment in every possible way.

The study of human beings has been analyzed by many scientific and humanistic branches of knowledge, such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, theology, ethics, and jurisprudence. The understanding we have nowadays of the way the brain works makes it impossible for these disciplines to ignore that it is the brain that creates and organizes thoughts, which lead to data, deductions, structures, laws and, ultimately, the content that conforms them.

Neuroscience, together with the humanistic and scientific disciplines, creates a new level of study that leads to a reassessment of some of its fields of study and, of course, the way in which we structure teaching and learning for students.

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